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Title Three Etudes (Trois Études)
Composer Patrick Loiseleur
Instrumentation Piano
Reference TPR-0022
Opus number L32
Published February 2017

1. The Spider (L'araignée)

2. Parallel Fifths (Quintes Parallèles)

3. The Inner Sources (Les Sources Intérieures)

  1. Michel Merlet
  2. Théodore Dubois
  3. Lilia Boyadjeva
Video extract

Etude n°2: follow this link


These Etudes were recorded by Philippe Hatta for the album Loiseleur: En Blanc et Noir (Audio CD) now available on all streaming sites. Here are the direct links to listen to them on Youtube.:

Duration 15 minutes
Difficulty level
Pages 25
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