The composer Michaël Goldberg was born in Belgium and now lives in Paris, France. He studied Oboe in Shaarbeek, Belgium and Musical Composition and Orchestration at Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris with Michel Merlet. He also has a MSc in Physics from Université Libre de Bruxelles. Michaël Goldberg writes music for the French television (M6, France 3, France 5, TV 5), for Kaptain Music (musical illustration label of group TF1), for Wagram music (6 albums). He also authored a musical "Le coach malgré lui" whose libretto is a contemporary remake of Molière's  "Le médecin malgré lui", and for the short film "Le Mal Sacré" from Grégory Boutboul. His unique ability to combine a deep knowledge of classical and contemporary music with today's popular music (he took part in a lot of afro-bresilian, rock, jazz bands) was key to his success, and allows him to excel in a wide diversity of musical styles.


Scores by Michaël Goldberg