Written in 2008 for the KABrass ensemble, those five pieces get the best ouf of brass instruments and picture the arrival of french composer Olivier Messiaen in paradise.

Title Petites Fanfares Célestes (Messiaen in Paradise)
Composer Patrick Loiseleur
Reference TPR-0039
Opus number L29

Brass ensemble with 10 instruments:

  1. Trumpet in Eb
  2. Trumpet in C
  3. Trumpet in Bb
  4. Trumpet in Bb
  5. Horn in F
  6. Tenor Trombone
  7. Tenor Trombone
  8. Tenor Trombone
  9. Bass Trombone
  10. Bass Tuba
Duration 19 minutes
Difficulty level
First performance 13 June 2009 (Paris)
Publication date 27 June 2017

This piece was commissioned by the KABrass ensemble and premiered in Paris on June 13, 2009.


It is an hommage to the great composer Olivier Messiaen, in celebration of the 100th birthday in 2008.

The five sections describe the arrival of the musician in Paradise (hence the sub-title: Messiaen in Paradise)


1. Fanfare d'accueil des anges (The angels's brass band)

2. Discours de Saint Pierre (Saint Peter's welcome speech)

3. Dialogues de l'Esprit (Dialoging with the Holy Spirit)

4. L'Enfant Jésus dans sa gloire (The Child Jesus in His glory)

5. À la droite du Père (On the right side of the Father)

Audio Extract

Section 1 Video

Section 2 Video

Section 3 Video

Section 4 Video 

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Pages 48 (Full Score) + 80 (Parts)
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