Seven short pieces for Wind Quintet, aimed at students and amateurs players.

Title Jardin d'enfants (Kindergarten)
Composer Patrick Loiseleur
Reference TPR-0055
Opus number L20
Instrumentation Wind Quintet: FluteOboeClarinetHornBassoon
Duration 10 minutes
Difficulty level
First performance June 2008 (Charles Koechlin ensemble, Paris)

Those 7 pieces were comissionned by the Charles Koechlin ensemble of Paris.

They are aimed at students and amateurs.


1. Prélude
2. Mystère (Mystery)
3. Menuet
4. Danse
5. L'adieu (Farewell)
6. Rêverie (Dreaming)
7. Toccata

Pages 15 (full score) + 11 (parts) + 2 (cover)