An hommage to Dimitri Chostakovich, in the form of a double fugue for string quartet where both themes are based on D-S-C-H signature.

Title Fugue on the name of Dimitri Shostakovitch
Composer Patrick Loiseleur
Reference TPR-0034
Opus number L37
Instrumentation String Quartet: 2 Violins, ViolaCello
Duration 10 minutes
Difficulty level
First performance June 20, 2010, Paris
Performing Rights Society SACEM (France)
ISWC Code T-702.940.122.9

Publication date April 2015
Synopsis A Double Fugue for string quartet where the two main thems are both derived from Dimitri Shostakovitch's musical signature D-Es-C-H. If you read the French language, you might want to read more in the composer's blog about that piece.
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Pages 11 (Full Score) + 14 (Parts) + 2 (Cover)
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