A meditative piece for symphonic orchestra with sophisticated harmonic colors in the tradition of French composers like Ravel or Messiaen.


Title Adagio
Composer Patrick Loiseleur
Reference TPR-0049
Opus number L10

Symphonic Orchestra with:

Duration 5 minutes
Difficulty level
First performance April 2008 by the Ut Cinquième symphonic orchestra
Publication date June 2008
Synopsis  This piece is an orchestration of the 2nd movement of Piano trio n°1 (Loiseleur). It uses Messiaen's symmetric mode II to develop a series of variations on a meditative and mesmerizing theme. 
Performing rights society SACEM (France)
ISWC code T-702.875.593.5
Format PDF files to download
Pages 13 (full score) + 26 (parts) + 2 (cover)
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