A moving journey in the mind of an innocent person imprisoned by error. Text by Guillaume Apolilinaire, music by Patrick Loiseleur.

Title À la Santé
Composer Patrick Loiseleur
Text Guillaume Apollinaire
Reference TPR-0037
Opus number L19
Instrumentation BaritonePiano
Duration 11 minutes (6 pieces)
Difficulty level
Synopsis "La Santé" is a prison where the french poet Guillaume Apollinaire was jailed during 3 weeks after being wrongly accused of theft complicity. He used that experience to write 6 short poems which provide a dreadful insight of what it means to be imprisoned.
First Performance 20 June 2008, Paris, Salle Cortot
Publication date October 2012 (revised version)
Performing Rights Society SACEM (France)
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Listen Recorded for the album Loiseleur: Aporie (audio CD) now available on all streaming sites. Direct links to listen on youtube:
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