O love as much as you can ! O love as long as you can ! Franz Liszt's famous "Liebestraum" arranged for Cello and Piano.



Title Liebestraum (Love dream) (Rêve d'amour)
Composer Franz Liszt
Arranger Patrick Loiseleur
Reference TPR-0015
 Published 2008
 Instrumentation Cello and Piano
Synopsis This is a transcription for Cello and Piano of Franz Liszt's very famous Notturno n°3, which is itself baed on a lied for Soprano and Piano written on a poem by Ferdinand Frieligrath. The first verses could be translated like this: "O Love, as much as you can ! Oh love, as much as you want !".  
Duration 25 minutes (6 parts)
Difficulty level
 Pages 9 (Full Score) + 2 (Cello) + 2 (Cover)
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