In this new chamber music piece celebrating the spring, the French composer Jérôme Duchemin offers us a fresh and renewed lyricism, with the spice of gentle irony in the "valse chaotique" section.

Title Une Journée de Printemps (A Spring Day)
Composer Jérôme Duchemin
Reference TPR-0168
Instrumentation Clarinet in A, ViolaPiano
Duration 10 minutes
Difficulty level
First performance 2023
Publication date June 2022
Synopsis Here are the composer's notes for this piece:

Sweet chapter 


The shutters are opening. One can see through one’s ears, and picture the fresh light of the awakening garden. 

The harmony and rhythm diversity swathe nature’s wake in the peacefulness and sweetness of a good morning. 

Tits, black birds and finches mingle and tune their chants with the many pastel nuances of the sleepy meadow, revealed as the sun rises low. 

Damp with the morning dew, hidden and protected by buddleia, the peacock butterfly, Old World swallowtail and painted lady dry their wings and enchant our senses and our well-being. 


Dancing chapter


The rising light suddenly dazzles us and lets us hear a polyphonic humming, baffling our ears.

The work day has started for our foraging friends. The flower’s waltz elate the bee with its nectar.


The emotion we feel is one of deep respect for these workers. 


Games and end-of-day chapter


In the joy of this explosion of life, our senses mingle in an invigorating and perfumed cocktail.


The invitation to rest offers the opportunity to let go and commune fully with this nature that we must save. 

Audio Extract  
Pages 27 (Full Score)  + 9 (Clarinet part) + 9 (Viola part)


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