Les Doutes for Viola Solo (Duchemin)

5 Pieces for Solo Viola, of intermediate difficulty, suitable both for Concert or Study.

Title Les Doutes, 5 Pieces for Solo Viola
Composer Jérôme Duchemin
Reference TPR-0155
Instrumentation Viola
Dedication Dédié à Alain Tressalet
Duration 20 minutes
Difficulty level  to 
First performance August 2019
Publication date August 2020

Some scarce time for some doubts.

Some bits of August in unequal times.

A handshift, a position,

A leap, an emotion,

And the doubt of a first of August changes the harmonic lighting.

To point with the bow the elastic « alien » note.

It’s pinching, it’s crossing and wiggling.

It must be waited for, it likes to be waited for, and to be heard.

A dance, maybe a Pas de deux,

A cadenza actually to feel better.

Nine quavers dance irregularly

In a disagreement bowed to mark the beat.

It’s a no ! Two and three mixing up

To serve better the joys and quarrels

Of the bouncing fingers, shuffling in the air

And of a tight bow crossing the sword.

The fight occurs and contains itself

In a doubt of a third of August.

(beginning of the Preface written by the composer)

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Les Doutes for Viola Solo (Duchemin)
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