Piano Sonata n°22 "Les Plaisirs de Chérence" (Greif)

A late masterwork of Olivier Greif: his Sonata in five movements

Title Piano Sonata n°22 "Les Plaisirs de Chérence"
Composer Olivier Greif
Reference Op 319
Instrumentation Piano
Dedication To Brigitte François-Sappey
Duration 22 minutes
Difficulty level
First performance  
Publication date February 1997
  • Hallali de Gommecourt
  • Tombeau de Monsieur de Clachaloze
  • Égarements de La Roche-Guyon
  • Fantômes d’Haute-Isle
  • Le carillon de Chérence

From Olivier Greif diary (February 27, 1997): “I completed today my Sonata Les Plaisirs de Chérence. I am relieved to be done, because I really wanted to terminate before the end of February. Only God knows how this piece, which I had the sincere intent of doing a pleasing entertainement “à la française”, a bit like those pieces for harpsichord of 17th and 18th century describing waterfalls, blossoming groves, carillons, gallant conversations and other dryades (after all the desire of composing it came during a concert of « Talents Lyriques » headed by Christophe Rousset, which I attended with Brigitte François-Sappey). Only God knows how this piece has become a suite of five obessive pieces, struck with the seal of death ! Death of beasts, death of men, death everywhere. Even the ultimate movement, which I heard at the beginning as an happy and unifying chime, which now sounds like an ominous kell…” 

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ISWC Code  T-003.828.673.5
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Piano Sonata n°22 "Les Plaisirs de Chérence" (Greif)
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