Seven lyric pieces opus 47 for string quartet (Grieg)

Seven short pieces for String Quartet, arranged from Edvard Grieg's great Lyric pieces. The perfect companion to Grieg's Quartet in G minor !

Title Seven Lyric Pieces
Opus number Opus 47
Composer Edvard Grieg
Arranger Patrick Loiseleur
Reference TPR-0023
Instrumentation String Quartet (Two Violins, Viola, Cello)
Published February 7, 2017
Original version published 1888
Synopsis Originally written for solo piano, those Lyric Pieces are jewels based on a four-voice writing most of the time. That might explain why this arrangement for string quartet sounds remarkably well. The audacious and very personal harmonies of Grieg are magnified when played on stringed instruments. This is why those seven short pieces make a perfect addition to Grieg's own String Quartet in G minor.
Duration 22 minutes (7 parts)
Difficulty level
Format PDL files to download
Pages 38 (Full score) + 9 (Violin 1) + 10 (Violin 2) + 10 (Viola) + 10 (Cello) + 2 (cover)
Seven lyric pieces opus 47 for string quartet (Grieg)
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