General Terms and Conditions

The scores you can buy on Tamino Productions website are not public domain. They are produced by young, living musicians and subject to copyright laws.

How to use the site

  1. Add scores to your Shopping cart

  2. Proceed to checkout with a banking card or a Paypal account

  3. Go to My Profile page to download the scores you purchased

  4. We don't send the scores by email because of their big size. Please download the scores from My Profile page

Your rights

  • You may download each score up to 5 times, up to 2 years after your purchase
  • You may print each score as many times as you need
  • The PDF files of the scores are free of DRM or any kind of digital locks because we are an ethical business, we trust you and we want to provide the most convenient product to you.

Your duties

  • You don't send the scores to your friends or colleagues by email or otherwise
  • You don't share the scores on a website
  • You don't sell digital or paper copies of the score
  • Most of the scores sold on Tamino Productions are subject to Performing Rights. If you play the music in public, you are supposed to declare the concert to the SACEM (French performing rights society) and pay some performing rights. Instructions on how to do that can be found inside the PDF scores.

Your personal information

The personal information collected when you purchase a score on Tamino Production webstore (name, e-mail address, etc) is used only to bring you a good service and customer support. We'll never give it or sell your personal data to anybody at any time.

We don't send spam either. We will set up a Quarterly newsletter to keep you up-to-date with new publications, but this will be done as an opt-in scheme, i.e. nobody will be added to the mailing list without explicitly asking for it.

Thank you !

Thank you very much for supporting the creativity in music by buying our products and respecting the artists's work. If you have more questions please contact us.