Au matin du septième jour, for Viola and Piano (Loiseleur)

The morning of the 7th day... written with 7-notes chords and 7-beat rythms, this piece for Viola and Piano conveys a feeling of serenity and harmony.

Title Au matin du septième jour (The morning of the 7th Day)
Composer Patrick Loiseleur
Reference TPR-0032
Opus number L42
Instrumentation Viola and Piano
Premiered  August 2011, Courchevel (France)
Publication date June 2012

Written in August 2011, this piece was premiered in Courchevel with Philippe Colin-Hattat (piano) and the composer playing the viola. Revised in June 2012 for the fit public performance in Belgium.

The english translation of the title is "The morning of the seventh day". It attempts to create a feeling of calmness and fullness through the use of 7-note chords which I usually call "hypertonal" because they preserve the impression of a tonal center despite their rich and complex sound.

You might also want to read the composer's personal notes about this piece (in French)


6 minutes

Difficulty level
Pages 6 (Full Score) + 2 (Viola Part) + 2 (Cover)


Au matin du septième jour, for Viola and Piano (Loiseleur)
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