13.2 Billion of Light-Years for 13 Violas (Loiseleur)

13 violas, oh dear !

Title 13,2 Billion of Light-Years (13,2 Milliards d'Années-Lumière)
Composer Patrick Loiseleur
Reference TPR-0016
Opus number L46
Publication September 2013
Premiered by Vincent Royer and the viola section of the Gürezniches Orchester in Köln Philharmnie, April 20, 2014
Instrumentation 13 Viola players (one of them is singled out as "Solo Viola" but all parts are solo actually)

Commissionned by Vincent Royer, this work has been inspired by the discovery of a galaxy at 13,2 billion of light-years from us. This is very close to the estimated age of the Universe which is around 13,3 billion of light-years. This is both the oldest and the fastest-moving object we have observed so far in the whole Universe, and this is completely fascinating. The work is divided in three sections:

  1. Singularité Initiale (Initial Singularity)
  2. Danse de la joie des étoiles (Dancing with stars)
  3. Contemplation du Vide (Contemplating emptiness)
Duration 22 minutes
Difficulty level


Performing Rights Registered at SACEM under reference (COCV) 28 625 467 01
  52 pages in A3 format (Full Score) and 103 pages in A4 format (Viola parts)
Format PDF files to download (14 PDF files in a single ZIP archive)
13.2 Billion of Light-Years for 13 Violas (Loiseleur)