Elegy For Mariupol, for Double Bass and Piano (Loiseleur)

An Elegy for the destroyed city of Mariupol, an hommage to all Ukrainian heroes, using the wonderful expressive resources of the double bass.

Title Elegy for Mariupol
Composer Patrick Loiseleur
Instrumentation Contrabass (aka Double Bass or String Bass) and Piano
Reference TPR-0101
Opus number L65
Dedication to all heroes of Ukraine
Duration 8' 30''
Difficulty level
First performance TBD
Publication Date January 20, 2023

This piece was inspired by the immense human tragedy of the war in Ukraine, especially the siege of the city of Mariupol. It is respectfully dedicated to all heroes of Ukraine: not only the soldiers but all people of Ukraine hose courage and determination is immensely inspiring to us all.

It is an emotional journey divided in four sections:

  • The first one is a somber melody in popular style, with a chromatically saturated accompaniment expressing sadness and grief
  • The second one is fast, rhythmic, dissonant, as an evocation of the brutality of war
  • The third session brings some consolation with a slow, minimalistic theme
  • The last session introduces Ukraine's National Anthem and ends with a feeling of pride and triumph.
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Pages 18 (full score) + 7 (double bass part)


Elegy For Mariupol, for Double Bass and Piano (Loiseleur)
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