String Trio n°1 "My Joy" (Loiseleur)

Written according to classic form, this trio in three movement (Allegro-Andante-Finale) is full of youth, enthousiasm and energy


Title String Trio "My Joy"
Composer Patrick Loiseleur
Reference TPR-0011
Opus number L2
Instrumentation ViolinViolaCello
Dedication To my daughter
Difficulty level
First performance February 2000 (Paris)
Publication date 2006 (2021 for the revised edition)
Synopsis This trio was written when I was in my twenties, right after the birth of my elder daughter. I just wanted to share my joy and enthusiasm with the rest of the world ! This trio in A major is classic in its writing, is full of rhythmic energy and melodic sweetness. It's definitely an early work who managed to survive in my catalog because I could not reproduce the same naïve and unambiguous pleasure to play together.
Pages 37 (full score) + 55 (parts)
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String Trio n°1 "My Joy" (Loiseleur)
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